Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Same Day Beauty From Sephora

Have you heard about Sephora's new Same Day Beauty service, available in Manhattan? It's makeup delivery, people! Yes, beauty delivered to your doorstep. Or your lobby if you have a doorman. If not, make them come to your office. I'd bet a hundred that we've all experienced beauty package theft. It really makes you lose faith in the humanity of your fellow loft dwellers (ahem 63 North 3rd Street circa 7 years ago) when your skincare product mysteriously never arrives.

Yes, there are days you can't make it to 34th Street and shop our gorgeous Sephora located between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. I forgive you. So while you're lying on your couch, stuck home sick, or feeling like you can't bear to go outside during a heat wave, pick up the phone and order yourself a nice cheer-me-up. And that Sephora Mini? If I can wear the chauffeur hat I want the job.

Call 1-877-SEPHORA for same-day delivery