Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Bar III at Macy's Herald Square

I'm starting to hoard for fashion week, and dropped by Macy's Herald Square last week to see if the bar III would fulfill my now high expectations. I needed something for a wedding last weekend that could also work for fashion week, and was hoping to find this semi-mullet dress still on the floor:

No such luck, but I did find this other black Bar III dress that I wore to the wedding:

The shoes are my old Pierre Hardy for Gap, the bag is my old Hayden Harnett, and the balloon is Baby Herald's, who was wearing a very cute dress bought in Colorado by her aunt. Her headband, however, is all BabyGap. I love the Bar III dress, the kind of bizarre shape, the zipper up the front, and the strong shoulders, but I was unprepared for the whole bending over thing. I don't normally go so short. And when you're chasing a toddler you're doing a lot of bending over, especially when you've got to pick them up and empty their crocs of dirt after gymnastics mishaps.

I also had the pleasure of being overdressed for the wedding. I wish people would specify "informal" so you're not showing up looking like you tried while everyone else is in shorts and T-shirts. Seriously. I would like to quote LeslyKat who suffered a similar situation recently: "COME ON PEOPLE!" 

Macy's Herald Square 151 W. 34th Street between Broadway & 7th Avenue


Anonymous said...

it is so refreshing to see someone take the time to dress to impress at a wedding. informal does not mean "who cares?" i thought you looked fabulous. it was our pleasure to have you overdressed at our wedding! now where do I get a Black Bar III dress?!

WendyB said...

I think you look great! Perfect for any wedding!

Tricia said...

I am so busted! I was taking big editorial liberties with this story, and twisting the truth. Really, I knew this was going to be an informal occasion because no one really knew this was a wedding! Most people thought this was an engagement party! Really a much better story than I told, Amanda. I was exaggerating for sake of the story, although I have to admit I did panic a little when I saw the younger set roaming around in T's and shorts! All of your guests were actually dressed properly for the occasion.

Like a typical NY fashion industry person, I had to dress to impress, yes! *palm to face* And we were so honored to be part of such a lovely and memorable ceremony.

Tricia said...

Oh, and Amanda, with your legs (Steve was gawking, don't tell your husband:), you're going to have to get this dress from Macy's - do they have BarIII in the Impulse section in the Philly store? As a designer you will appreciate this line and the price point, I think.