Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teres Kids: Fund It!

Don't want to read this whole post? No problem, just click here to support a small business that makes adorable clothes for kids with tactile sensitivities, including those with autism, sensory processing disorder, and eczema.

Although my best friend is the designer of Teres Kids, I am in no way biased when I go on and on about how fabulous TK clothing is. Well, maybe a little, but my daughter is the one you should really be listening to as she wears Teres Kids. But can she properly vocalize her preferences for clothing at 22 months, you ask? Of course! Every morning she communicates her distaste for my choices with loud, piercing screams! To avoid this, I should just fully outfit her in Teres Kids because her TK froggy T is always happily worn with no vocal complaints. I don't have a picture of her in her favorite T but here is the really cute seahorse T.

Teres Kids is made in America with organic cotton. But most important, Teres Kids is designed for the utmost in comfort for children, particularly for those with tactile sensitivities. No irritating seams, no rough tags, no uncomfortable anything inside, and always the softest of fabric against the child's skin. Now you can help Teres Kids produce their 2011 winter collection. Go here, buy a scarf, a kid's T-shirt, or get one of the bigger packages, like 25% off through 2012. Yes, I'm getting the double-sided scarf for me and the Princess T for my girl.


Anonymous said...

Very cute, thanks for the tip!

Tiffany said...

she's cute and i like the color!