Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steve Madden's 34th Street Facelift

My co-worker Anne and I have been debating whether or not we were talking to Steve Madden (the man, not the shoes) in the store on 34th Street this morning. I kind of don't think so as he wasn't wearing a hat, although his attitude seemed much in line with how a very important shoe person would act. Very "who the hell are you and why are you asking me questions about exposed brick on my building?" I gave the usual response that starts with "We work for the 34th Street Partnership..." and got the same WTF look I always get when I try and explain what we do. It's like when I start complaining about gum on sidewalks, fake Bugs Bunny, and bad trashcans.

Speaking of gum on sidewalks...

The exposed brick above the window is what started all this. Anne, our archivist and 34th Street historian, found it curious, so naturally I dragged her into the store to further inquire...

Ewwww. Now that I pointed it out to you I promise it's going to drive you crazy forever. You're welcome! But isn't the new look for the 34th Street Steve Madden boutique pretty fabulous? Streamlined, sexy, open, and probably still a work in progress as that sign looks temporary. Feel free to zoom in and tell me if that's Steve Madden in the doorway talking to his architect, who soon monopolized Anne to discuss 34th Street buildings. I was, of course, engrossed. I then made Anne shop for shoes. We both bought bags instead, but that's for another day. Please check out the fabulous redesigned interior below:

Crap iPhone photo.
Slightly not-so-crap iPhone photo.

Such a smart looking boutique. This was done at near Extreme Makeover speed, as just last week I noticed construction on the storefront. Bless the Steve Madden efficiency as we all need the store to stay open every day for fall shoe shopping.

Steve Madden 34th Street 41 W. 34th Street just east of Sixth Avenue