Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Undie Party at Desigual 34th Street

Desigual's Undie Party madness hits 34th Street: The line started at 11pm last night, rain and all. Desigual handed out rain ponchos and let people keep their clothes on until later in the morning. A few people even brought tents.

In their ponchos. Desigual was also handing out bottled water.

Every double-decker tourist bus that passed by was cheered by the Undie Party People while tourists snapped away. The Undie People yelled "Take if Off!" to the buses, but no one really complied. I guess stripping down to your underwear in public isn't as contagious as one would think. My personal favorite Undie Person was the guy who ran out of the line and jogged across the street in his underwear. I think he went into Heartland Brewery or Starbucks for a restroom moment. Just so funny to watch a guy in his undies running across 34th Street, and crazy because he's barefoot.

Barefoot Undie Person in green undies on the right.

Here's the entrance video. It was also very entertaining to see people in their underwear running around the store, shopping. This was really a great event. I was told that in the Barcelona store in 2006 it was a Naked Party, which must have been a really, really great event. That was before Barcelona passed some kind of "no more nudity in the streets" law.

The first person out was this woman in her new coat, soon followed by this man in his new coat. Yeah, I'd totally be grabbing a new Desigual winter coat, and probably a long dress, too. If I had been willing to strip down to my underwear and hang out on Fifth Avenue, that is.

So what's next, Desigual (besides your new store on 35th & 6th Avenue)? The NYC Kiss Party, perhaps?!

Hey, guys! See you at the Kiss Party!

Desigual, 358 Fifth Avenue (on 34th Street)