Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stacy Lomman Debuts at New York Fashion Week

The Stacy Lomman Spring 2011 show was a parade of sexy confections, and I'm so not using an improper metaphor. Look at these delicate and detailed dresses:

Check out for better photos, or WireImage.

This little dusty pink number is PERFECT. But me, I'm a shoulder, silver fringe gal.

I love this picture on the left because the designer is walking right next to her model for her second bow (the attendees insisted). See her fabulous gold skirt? Stacy made it that morning to go with a gorgeous top. Check out her whole look here.

But here my confection metaphor runs dry, because Stacy Lomman dresses aren't like empty calories (if anything, they'll inspire you to keep in shape). These are timeless pieces, the kind of dresses you have in your closet for the nights you need to look good, and not in the usual, LBD way.

Front, back....

Sexy sideways!

All this talk of confection is making me think of fondant which is making me think wedding, and now I'm wondering what a Lomman wedding dress would be like?! Hmm, perhaps one of you brides-to-be should commission a dress?

Weddings aside, I'm greatly anticipating Stacy Lomman's next collection. Maybe she'll Kickstart a Fall '11 collection?! Now I'm going out for cupcakes, which I'll work off as soon as I have a Lomman in my closet.


stacy said...

Wow, you got some really good photos! And I would do a kick ass wedding dress!

Thanks so much for being there!


WendyB said...

Great photos!

The Preppy Princess said...

You did get some awesome photos Miss Fashion, and I also love the one with Stacy walking right next to the model, it is a very cool image.

Loving your tweets & posts!

Tricia said...

And I was thinking my photos were below par, phew!
Stacy, it was such an honor being at your debut show.
TP - most of the fashion week tweets are from my intern, Craig! Craig's definitely the master of fashion show tweeting. I can barely get one off while watching, taking notes, and trying to get a few photos!