Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2011 is So Us

There's a lot of neutrals going on for Spring 2011, and some of the prettiest were spotted on the Rebecca Taylor runway for Spring 2011. I wasn't there, but sent an operative, Lindsey, to cover the show. She said: "I would wear every piece." Thus I'm going to challenge Lindsey and play one of my favorite games "That is So You, This is So Me." Click on her links to check out her style, and me, well, I'm generally a pants-wearing minimalist. Her iphone photos from the show were even worse than my usual awful shots, so thanks to for the pretty pictures. And, lest I sound like an ingrate, thanks, Lindsey, for helping me out during a very busy NYFW!

This first one's tough, but I'm going to call it So Me. The long dress is So You, Lindsey, as she could definitely wear this length and those tiers.

 Both of these, Lindsey, are So You. Although the pants on the left are So Me.

 She's going to challenge this one, but the blue pants are So Me. Which means I have to give her the gorgeous green skirt on the right.Damn.

 This one's easy: the left is So You, and the right is So freaking Me.

You all can play this game too, right? Because this collection is universally gorgeous. Next post, Lindsey and I will arm wrestle for the blue pants. No, kidding, although that might be a good video?


Rachael said...

Such a beautiful collection!! Love neutrals!

Charleston said...

great colours x

K A T H L E E N said...

gorgeous collection indeed! come follow and vote 4 me xxo