Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashion Week Wrap-Up: General Idea, Argentina, and LAMB

I had no idea what General Idea was before this Fashion Week, but I attended the show in an attempt to further my horizons. I'm so glad I did. General Idea is at the crossroads of prep and street-style. I died for these sleeveless trench coats (right). I like a menswear designer that takes risks and General Idea didn't disappoint. I could rave about all my favorite pieces but we'd be here for hours. Take it from me, General Idea is brilliance.

My last day at Fashion Week was a roller coaster of emotion. First, the Argentina Group Show blew my mind. As someone with Argentinean ancestry, I was really excited to see how Argentinean culture would come across on a runway. I was blown away.

The first designer, La Dolfina, is a polo lifestyle brand based in Buenos Aires. Horses scare me to death but I would brave a ride just to wear La Dolfina's riding pants. The whole collection was impeccably clean. While the other Argentinian designers brought great shows, it was La Dolfina that stuck with me. Just look at these cuts!

The aforementioned emotional roller coaster took a giant dip at the LAMB show. Getting into the show was a nightmare so I was in a sour mood once the show started. The clothes did nothing to salvage my feelings. While I give kudos to Gwen for keeping the brand relevant for so long, I think this collection was a complete bust with oddly cut clothes and ridiculous prints. Gwen has completely shed her Harajuku Girl days and was channeling some intense African vibes as seen in these prints. I appreciate her attempt to widen her range, but these left me nostalgic for vintage Gwen.

All photos via Getty Images