Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Four: Thuy Spring '11 Show

Favorite thing about the Thuy show at the Audi Forum on Park Avenue? Well, it wasn't the standing room section.

Try here for excellent, informal shots of the Thuy show. I take these mostly for reference on my really crap camera.

I'm a blogger who doesn't care about getting a standing room assignment. Often I prefer it as I have a better view of the collection and can see the shoes. But if you conspicuously plunk all of us SR people on the top of a riser in front of a room full of show attendees, then point spotlights at us which sadly don't just make us sweat, but also help to illuminate all the empty seats in a huge section right below us, well, that's just humiliating. And it makes your show look bad.

Also, when the organizers finally, seconds before the show, let us sit down into the empty stadium seats, everyone clomped over the rows in a big, noisy mess. So awkward.

Obviously the venue was a challenge. I was kind of shocked when I noticed the Audi video was still playing on a big screen to the right of the runway during the show. And before showtime, assistants kept moving these horribly ugly grey curtains around, drawing attention to: the really ugly grey curtains.

Note how all of this has detracted from the overall show experience. Note that I have not yet mentioned an item of clothing. Perhaps it's time:

I adore that shiny orange coat. And the final look (above right) was all 60's cuteness with a dash of a vintage, blogger-esque aesthetic.

All of the coats were my favorite part of Thuy's collection. Many were cropped and featured suspender straps in the back, an interesting twist. I would buy those coats. And I remember thinking after the show "I still like Thuy." But upon reviewing my photos, which I take really just for reference, I was underwhelmed. Some interesting dresses, and some great, loose drop-crotch pants, but all-in-all a little disappointing. She is obviously very talented, still has her downtown-cool-girl-meets-some-great-tailoring thing going, and I'm looking forward to her future work. I'd like to be looking forward to it in that shiny orange jacket and some jeans come spring, and absolutely not in the following:

But you might have great abs, so please, show them off in a sexy Thuy number.


Charu said...

That's such a really astute post. I went backstage to Thuy and I was a bit surprised at the Audi venue-- the backstage was fine and roomy, but wonder why she chose to have it there? Great recap.

Your new site looks FAB, by the way.

La Belette Rouge said...

Your blog looks gorgeous. Well done on the remodel. And this blogger doesn't care about getting an invite to fashion shows, I would much rather read your recaps.
p.s. That last picture really makes me want to make an appt. for some Pilates sessions.

Tricia said...

Charu - Thanks, it's nice to have an updated site! I just hope Thuy got the site for nothing!
La Belette - You are too sweet! But I imagine some fashion week you'll be visiting, right?!! And god, yes, my midriff-baring days are GONE, unless I'm on a beach full of not very shapely sunbathers :)