Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gottex Spring 2011: Go Granny

Pieces I loved from Gottex: Left, from the Sun Sentinel, middle from Sicka Than Average, right, me.

There's a classic family photo of my mom and dad playing poker with my visor-wearing grandma in Hawaii, and it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this on the Gottex runway:

Both Karolina Kurkova photos from Gossip Center.

Visor-wearing granny probably isn't what Gottex was going for. Few grandmas have Karolina Kurkova's body and get decked out in monokinis, but every woman, no matter what her age, loves a gorgeous coverup. There were a few stunning suits with coverups (see opening photos) that I wanted to jump up and encourage onward with vigorous clapping, but then the crystals happened, and this is all I left the show remembering:

Photos from SunSentinel.com

I am not anti-crystal. I've got two gorgeous red Carla Westcott bathing suits I bought at her sample sale ages ago, and both are lightly adorned with little red crystals to beautiful effect. The Spring '11 Gottex go a lot further with the crystal love, to a place I'm not crazy about where visors rule. No offense to Grandma, because when I'm as old as she was I hope to be playing poker in a fabulous visor in Hawaii. A big bonus if it's crystal-adorned so everyone can see me coming.


La Belette Rouge said...

Do women really swim in those? If so the pool should be filled with vintage champagne!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above commenter that pools should be filled with champagne. Your writing is so witty and winsome!

xo Jenny

Kati said...

where is karolina's belly button?!?

Tricia said...

Oh my god, now I'm freaking out. Was it airbrushed out? I'm searching other sites to see if she has a bellybutton.