Friday, September 3, 2010

B&H for BTS

Former colleague Jeffrey is back in town after a pleasant beach summer and is BTS'ing a higher education. Translate: he had a lot of fun but now needs to stock up for grad school. So the other day we strolled down to 34th Street's B&H for some last minute BTS computer supplies.

First, thank-you, B&H, for the fabulous air conditioning. The temporary Halloween store on 34th Street could learn a lot from your perfectly chilled shopping environment. Second, Jeff would like to thank you for the great price on his printer, the Canon PIXMA MX340:

Jeff did his homework, and said it was the cheapest in town. He's correct, as this printer is $30-$40 less at B&H than other electronics stores:

  • J&R - $89.99
  • Best Buy - $79.99
  • B&H - $49.95
But this is B&H, so probably it is the lowest price on this printer in the universe. And it's B&H, so hyperbole is allowed, because you will get the best price every time and always find what you need. Now go tell me in comments how duh, you already know this.

Fashion photogs take note: B&H will be closed during Rosh Hashana, from 1pm on September 8th until September 12th, when the store will reopen.

B&H Photo & Video, "The Professional's Source" (this is so true, photo-journalist types are all over this place) 420 9th Avenue at 34th Street


eeps said...

gaaaaah i miss b&h so much! i still buy my printer ink and photo paper from there; i don't know if paying for shipping negates any discount i get from shopping there but i'm just too loyal to buy that stuff anywhere else.