Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day Three: How Fashion GPS Is Out To Get Me

Images from the Adam S/S '11 show, courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion

Day Three of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with Intern Craig...

Today [Saturday] was my busiest day inside the tents. I started early with the Binetti presentation and with the exception of the sequined harem pants, this collection was pretty much a bust. The dresses were underwhelming and felt overdesigned. The only interesting aspect of the show happened to be the models' nail art. At first, I was convinced these poor girls were wearing cocktail rings on the tips of their fingers but luckily, Sarah from StyleIT was on hand to set me straight.

I then headed across Lincoln Center for Jill Stuart, one of my favorite designers, and was greeted by the craziest check-in situation ever. People were getting downright uncivilized and I was ready to take some fools out. I wasn't letting anyone get in the way of my Jill Stuart moment. Once I checked in and ascended into the Promenade, I was greeted by a gaggle of reality stars. While most of the girls around me were focusing on the Kardashians (even while the show was happening UGH), I was locked to Kristin Cavallari from Laguna Beach. Laguna was HUGE in my high school. I mean, how could you forget such gems as "My car is dunzo" or "stePHEEEEEENNNN?" I feel the urge to watch my Laguna DVDs now.


Jill Stuart was gorgeous as always. The detailing on her pieces was impeccable. I was particularly in awe of this dress. A lot of the detail is lost within this picture
but, in person, it's fantastic. Stuart's color palate was extremely basic but then again, I don't expect a neon pink dress to walk the runway. I expect classic cuts and simple color and Jill Stuart gave me that today.

Next, Tricia and I headed to the Adam show which inspired the title of today's post. As I was ready to check myself in, ALL OF FASHION GPS WENT DOWN. I have had such awful luck with Fashion GPS this last week. I can never scan the code from my phone correctly and I end up looking like a crazy lunatic waving my phone in front of the machine. Luckily, someone eventually helps me and I go on my merry way.

As for Adam [see opening images], I usually hate a palazzo pant but Adam demanded that I fall in love with them. By adding simply tweaks to a classic formula like a lace-up back or pocket placement, Adam created a nice alternative to the classic palazzo. I was also taken aback but a red leather dress. The mere thought of a red leather dress reminds me of hooker past her prime, however I really liked it here. I think Adam has a great vision and I'm definitely interested in following his work now.

I ended the day at Mik Cire by Eric Kim and I'm still reeling. I would wear every single piece of this collection. The Mik Cire man isn't dark enough for Rick Owens but he desires a little more edge than the average menswear designer. There are definite nods to his Monarchy past but I think Kim, now in his second season of Mik Cire, is starting to find his footing. This collection had less of a grunge edge and more of a quiet sophistication than his previous collection. I'm completely in love. The second look had this amazing olive green cotton/wool patchwork cardigan which I am definitely going to need. I loved the asymmetrical jackets that kept walking down the runway and I was dying for the stone gray lambskin motorcycle jacket and the denim jacket with the lambskin sleeves. Later in the collection, Kim sent down multiple versions of a short/legging combo which sounds stupid in print but looked so damn cool in person. The second to last look of the show had an amazing waist-cut black linen trench that I need right now. I could talk about this collection for hours.
Enjoy the finale video I took for you!

I'm off from the tents tomorrow but I'll be back in action on Monday! See you then!


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