Monday, September 27, 2010

Tim Gunn Wows the Crowd and Shows Some Leg


photos courtesy of JCPenney

Tim Gunn's commentary during the Liz Claiborne fashion show last Thursday in JCPenney's Manhattan Mall was highly entertaining, but his Q&A really turned me into a fan. Watch the video below and hear Tim dish about the witness protection program, leggings don'ts, and navigating Manhattan in heels. He even shows a little leg. After the event the crowd poured down into the store to try on the new Liz Claiborne. I'll be reviewing it in the JCPenney dressing rooms later this week. You know I'm curious about the fit of the fabulous leather vest.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd Street & 6th Avenue


La Belette Rouge said...

Tim is such a classy guy. He brings such sophistication to the fashion world. Love him!

Make Do Style said...

Looks like great fun! Love your new look too.
I thought about you the other day whilst looking at Stella McCartney - I stepped away not only because I couldn't afford it but since you told about her pickiness, she's off my Christmas list!

Tricia said...

Make Do - Loyal friend! But I can't take responsibility for you not buying Stella b/c I put a few pounds on one season! Her fit was notoriously small back then, now it's probably the norm considering how tiny everything is.
And now I feel really guilty as I bought Stella's Gap hi-tops for Baby Herald on sale for under $4. A steal.

Veronica said...

i love everything project runway. i think it paints a very classy portrait of the fashion world. speaking of, christian siriano has recently launched a new website called sendthetrend with gorgeous new accessories.

Jill said...

I love him! Not really love, like creepy stalker fan, but you know what I mean!

Tricia said...

Jill - I completely agree, and not in a creepy stalker fan way either, I swear!