Monday, September 20, 2010

The Perfection That Is Tibi Spring '11

I love a two-lane runway and a scenic backdrop.

During the Tibi show I raved a bit on Twitter about how the designer, Amy Smilovic, makes the simplest items of clothing perfect and chic. Exhibit A:

Every year I look for the perfect item of black clothing, the thing that is the black standard of my closet's stable of black. My old shopping partner and model BFF Monica (aka the DC Naomi) used to roll her eyes every time I would grab an item of black clothing and say "This is perfect for insert anything here." I was perpetually on the hunt. So I'd like to say Hey, Monica, that tunic top/dress above has officially sated my eternal black lust.

These are gorgeous in motion from all angles.

Now excuse me while I further wax poetic about the perfection of this collection, and bombard you with images from the Tibi site. Yes, the design is not game-changing but it's impeccable. There was barely a misstep in the whole crowd. Next spring you're going to see a whole lot of white and beige eyelet, but don't bother shopping around: Tibi's eyelet was the most stylish and least precious on the runways. Which means I'd actually buy white eyelet and not feel like I'm six years old. And while I'm sure you've all heard that neutral (beige) is the color for spring, don't freak. Yellows and oranges like those seen below were also everywhere. And, of course, some black, too.

Usually I find that shade of purple gag-worthy. But not this one, totally buy-worthy.

Reminder to self: I must have these shoes.


WendyB said...

I associate Tibi with great prints normally. Am I confused? Is that someone else? Hmmm.

Tricia said...

No, I think you're right, and she had a few cute prints in this show but the yellows looked a little washed-out online - they were much prettier in person.

Midtown Girl said...

Love the direction they took in this collection - so refreshing!