Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Natural: World's Smartest Bra*

I got these images from a former 34th Street PR contact, and I haven't even tried this bra yet, but the pictures had me at Hi, Tricia. The Natural line of underpinning solutions has the usual selections, like the chicken cutlets and the adhesive daisies, bras, and tape, all of which I've used with some success in the past. But the Natural Solutions Bra is now on my get-this list, because look:

It can do everything!* Now it just needs to teach everything else in my closet to be this versatile, and then I'll stop shopping forever. The Natural Solutions bra is not yet available on 34th Street,** but the Sexy Plunge bra (below) can be found at Lane

For you non-curvy ladies who don't shop Lane Bryant, the Natural line can be found here.

*Writer's license, hyperbole 
**This post has been amended/edited since it was first published due to some incorrect retailer information, but now we think we've got it right. We hope this caused you no 34th Street bra-shopping distress!

Lane Bryant, 7 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues


La Belette Rouge said...

I fear that I would need a team of people to help me figure out such a bra. ;-)xoxo

Tricia said...

I think we need a test run. I have given up on a few things in dressing rooms in my tenure on 34th Street! For clever underpinnings, I think I could be a little more patient.

WendyB said...

Yes, we need a test!