Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shoot It Twice and It's Yours

I wish. I keep taking pictures of this bag when I'm in Gap Herald Square.

That photo was from the beginning of September, and the below is from last week. The bag is now surrounded by its clog partners. I'm charmed by them all.
Totes are $98, clogs are $79.50. I'd go for the bright suede ones, they are totally 70's.

Gap Herald Square, 34th Street & Broadway


WendyB said...

Ack! Want blue clogs!

La Belette Rouge said...

CLogs are calling me. I saw some Cole Haan one's that are saying my name.

Tricia said...

WendyB - They are so you.
LaBelette - You need to come to nyc during the next Cole Haan sample sale. I took my sister to one and she cleaned up.

La Belette Rouge said...

If you can give me a month's notice I will so be there!
Do they have 9.5 at the sample sale??

Tricia said...

I think they do them at Soiffer Haskin still, so I'll check their schedule. My sister and I are both between 9 & 10, so I'm pretty sure that's a yes!

Midtown Girl said...

I am so getting a pair of clogs this season - I've held off forever but I think it's my time!!