Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day Two: Craig at Nautica, Buckler, ____, and Tadashi Shoji

Craig wraps up Day Two of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Text by Craig, photo captions by Tricia.

At Nautica men's presentation: true dedication is rolling around on the floor to get the shot.

Intern Craig at I Heart Ronson JCPenney event on Fashion's Night Out at Manhattan Mall.

I'm still reeling from my day and I don't even know where to begin.

Oh, wait. I suddenly remembered...Guli.

[This review of Guli has been deleted, *ahem*, but thanks, Craig! Your Editor highly values your hard work. And you as a living, non-boiled human being.]

Luckily, I was able to wash these visions away with the Tadashi Shoji presentation. I don't even have words for this. I walked into the space and was immediately transported to a beautiful beige dream. Tadashi's use of neutral colors just blew me away. I usually hate when people use the word ethereal to describe clothes but there is simply no other word for this collection. However, it wasn't all solids. There were two dresses with this gorgeous gray/pink/white combo. I couldn't even deal.

Nautica presentation

Later, we stopped by the Nautica presentation (above) held in the library at Lincoln Center. It was definitely a great place to unwind and eat. I've realized that a diet of free Pop Chips and Frappuccinos can only sustain you for so long. I've never really looked at Nautica as a "fashion" brand but more as a lifestyle brand. I think my mind was changed by this awesome blue/gray dress shirt (on seated model). I'll be fighting you for it in Macy's Herald Square next spring. I also fell in love with most of the models' boat shoes because I aspire to live within a J. Crew ad.

Buckler presentation

We ended the day at the Buckler show and I immediately died. Preppy with a dark twist? It's everything I could want in a line and more. I wasn't very familiar with Buckler until this afternoon and I'm angry it's taken me this long to find him. Tricia and I died for the drop-crotch long johns (top right). I was enamored with both cardigans in the presentation. All in all, it was a good show to end the day with.

Craig thinking about asking Sam Ronson for a photo, and Sam Ronson avoiding eye contact.

If you follow our Twitter, you saw that we went to the JCPenney party for I Heart Ronson. Sam Ronson DJ'd while Charlotte Ronson and Michelle Trachtenberg made appearances. The music was fantastic and we got free Fashion's Night Out shirts! What did you guys do for FNO?


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