Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Picks at Zara 34th Street

Today guest poster Lindsey checks out Zara on 34th Street.

I must say, I had the most delightful experience in Zara the other morning! The colors, the prints, and the embellishments were right up my alley.

First I fell in love with this floral print summer blazer ($99.90) and paired it with this delicate tan crepe halter dress ($99.90). The combination has an Edwardian meets Pretty in Pink/Molly Ringwald feel to it.

Next I found this lovely little fuchsia halter dress. At first I was ambivalent about the “rosettes” huddled around the neck. It did have the “cute” factor of a Shirley temple curtsy that is hard to pull off beyond the tweenager years. However, I toughened it up with the addition of this gray embellished vest (below). Somehow the rosettes take on a more ironic role…something I find very appealing!

Fuchsia crepe dress $99.90, gray embellished vest $59.90.

After fully indulging in my crepe dress binge, I needed a more worn, rough-and-tumble feel. I looked no further than a muslin tank top printed with little ladies parading across the chest. I found this simply delightful. When paired with the gray vest, some long jean shorts, and tan sandals, I felt slightly boyish and feminine at the same time…what fun!

Muslin tank, $39.90, jean shorts $39.90.

The tank is so lovely you might find other uses for it as I have done with this simple, camel-colored high-waisted skirt ($99.90).

Either way, if you are looking for some kind of summer sparkle, my bet’s on Zara.

Zara, 39 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th