Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craig Investigates the Plus Size Situation on 34th Street

From Twitter: CambridgeCEOCOO: Ok so who sells the cutest most fashion forward plus size clothes on @34thStNYC !! Let's go!!!

We see your plus-size challenge, @CambridgeCEOCOO, and raise you an intern investigation. Let's go to Craig, who just yesterday went to check out 34th Street's plus-size situation:

As a boy who could not fit into Abercrombie jeans in high school, I understand the plight of the plus-size woman. We are constantly on the hunt for well-fitting clothes that aren't muu-muus (see: Homer Simpson when he became morbidly obese in order to work from home).

First on my journey was Lane Bryant. I loved every part of this store. There are so many different styles for every kind of woman. I'm in love with this drapey sweater at the front of the store. Let it free during the day and then cinch it with a belt, as seen here, when you go out for drinks at night.

I also love the fact that Lane Bryant acknowledges that not all plus-size women are the same. Their pants (above) come in three different styles as seen to the left and cover a range of styles from jeans to dress pants.

One of my favorite pieces was this utility shirt (right) that I've seen in other stores for the summer season. Although I didn't like the shirt it was paired with here, it has a range of uses and is definitely on trend.

There are so many pieces in which to make fabulous outfits here that I couldn't get pictures of them all. Be sure to check out Cacique, Lane Bryant's lingerie line. Other great things about Lane Bryant are the friendly customer service (even when I was just looking, the sales associates were fantastic) and the amazing sales they always run. Lane Bryant is definitely a must for plus-size women.

Next, I headed to Macy's plus-size section which is safely tucked away on the 7th floor of the 7th Avenue Building. I advise navigating your way through the tourists on the main floor, skipping the elevators, and taking the escalator. When I finally got to the 7th floor, my jaw dropped. The whole floor is dedicated to Macy's Woman. I was able to find several cute pieces among the many labels this floor boasts.

First, this gorgeous blue print blouse from Michael Kors that caught my eye as soon as I hit the floor. It's a light cotton so the color and material are perfect for summer. There are many other tops like this on the floor but, Kors certainly takes the cake.

The best part of Macy's Woman is the sheer choice of labels on the floor. There's the always-present Alfani and INC, as well as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tahari, and Jones New York. For the younger crowd, there's Dereon and Baby Phat.

Beyonce doesn't disappoint with her Dereon line. It's full of fun, printed tops and jeans that are perfect for going out.

The only downside to Macy's is the price of some of the labels. However, there is such a range that you're sure to find something you can afford.

Finally, I descended into JCPenney's expecting a big selection but I must admit I was disappointed. In the back corner of the first floor was a small plus-size section. If you're shopping JCPenney's home department, or looking for children's clothing, I'd drop by while shopping and browse the sale rack (right), that did have an assortment of styles at low prices.

Thanks, Craig! Looks like Macy's and Lane Bryant are plus-size destinations on 34th Street. And right now Lane Bryant is having great BOGO deals on their lingerie, eg: buy two and get two free bras.

Lane Bryant, 7 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Aves.
Macy's Herald Square, 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue
JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 & 2, 33rd & 6th Avenue