Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sequins Rock On: H&M's FAA Collection

Although on the hanger a lot of the embellished H&M Fashion Against Aids collection looked a little "St. John gone rock-n-roll" to me (Craig was looking askance at the whole collection), don't let that stop you from trying it on. I thought this vest ($34.95) was going to be awful but in the dressing room I loved it. The cut is perfect boxy.

I grabbed these "harem" jeans ($19.95) to try on with the clothes without realizing they were harem. I almost loved them but the H&M fit model hates me and wants my calves to be about 1" in diameter. Go up a size.

Quality on the above vest and bottom sequin jacket ($49.95) is surprisingly good. The black fringe tank ($29.95) isn't going to hold up as well (the fringes go easily awry and there is some fuzzy stuff happening already on the hangar), but it didn't bother me as much as the snags in the fringe dress.

Back of black fringe top. Tiered ruffles ($49.95) aren't my thing but when I came out of the dressing room to show it to Craig, a girl in line asked to try it next.

The caftan tunics ($34.95) and this black and white top ($29.95) are hits.

The sequin stuff/St. John reference reminded me of Desperately Seeking Susan when Madonna raids Rosanna Arquette's suburban closet and takes the black sequin jacket. Yes, housewife sequin chic can be rock-n-roll cool, and in this FAA collection totally is. The quality is surprisingly good for some pieces, but others I would hesitate before buying. Keep an eye out for askew and fuzzy fringes and snags on dresses.

You can spot the black sequin jacket in a few scenes:

H&M, only 34th & 7th Ave has the FAA collection on 34th Street


WendyB said...

I heart that movie. Saw it again recently and thought it held up really well, including the fashion.

Maria said...

you can actually pull a off that ruffled dress with your height

St John rock-n-roll is bang-on for this stuff! But I can see it heading to the discount racks soon......

Tricia said...

Wendy - totally holds up, and the men & women's styling was perfect.
Maria - thanks, but...well, we're never happy, are we?! If it goes to the discount racks I'm buying up all the sequins.

Jill said...

I really love the orange caftan. We don't have an H&M here in Far West Texas...it totally pisses me off! Thanks for the blog visit...if you hadn't visited mine, I wouldn't have been able to visit yours. And I love it!