Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleopatra Hits the Big Screen

Last night I was one of the guests of gorgeous jewelry designer and blogger Wendy Brandes at her Sex and the City II viewing party, where us lucky girls all wore her silver Cleopatra earrings for the opening night of the film. The same earrings, but in gold, were worn by Kim Cattrall in this scene:

At the Ziegfeld theatre (which also had a cameo in the movie):

From Wendy's website:

Real-time earring closeups:

Me wearing H&M FAA dress I bought that day, left. This picture helps illustrate why Jeffrey told me, as I was walking out the door, "Don't bend over." I swear I don't know where my dress went in this photo! Midtown Girl looking gorgeous in the Cleopatras.

Yes, these earrings are that beautiful in real life (have you seen Wendy's jewelry? Hello, Marie Antoinette and swear rings). And they aren't a bit heavy on the ear. I also think they look a little different on everyone, am I crazy?

Left, gorgeous bloggers Midtown Girl and Stacy of Taffeta Darlings. Wendy and Stacy are wearing the gold Cleopatras.

There were several other fabulous bloggers in attendance, so check out Wendy's blog for more photos. Many, many thanks to Wendy for a memorable and fun evening!

Now for the 34th Street H&M tie-in: On the left is a full-length of the Fashion Against Aids H&M dress I wore last night. And below are some others I considered:

This felt a little too much for a city movie night.

I really wanted to wear this.

Oh, how I love this fringe dress/top. It's sitting in a bag on my office door, unworn as it was too clingy so I need to go up a size. A warning, this is one of those H&M dresses that I wish was made of better material. The design is perfect, but it's a challenge finding a dress on the rack that doesn't already have a snag in it. So you know you'll wear it once and come home with snags and threads hanging everywhere. Too bad, because I was willing to buy it for one event anyway as I thought the design was such fun. More H&M FAA pictures to follow after the holiday, but don't wait for me, shop it this weekend. And please try on every sequin piece that you normally wouldn't look twice at, they are fantastic. I am very impressed with the cut and design of this collection.

H&M, FAA collection available on 34th St only at the 7th Ave store


WendyB said...

I can't believe you got a picture of the movie screen! Highlarious.

Looooooove the fringe. Too bad about the quality!

stacy said...

Yeah! Last night was amazing :-) Where did you get the photos... I'm ready to publish my post, but have no pix.

By the way, you look incredible in a dressing room mirror. I am afraid to even look at myself in those!

marian said...

The Cleopatra earrings are fabulous just like their designer!
You all looked wonderful in the earrings.
Looks like you had fun, I cannot wait to see the movie. I will be screaming when I spot Wendy's earrings on screen.
Here is to Wendy and the drool inducing Cleopatra earrings!
Thank you for sahring the images and feature.

Tricia said...

WendyB - I'll send you a copy:) I want to take that H&M dress to a tailor and have them copy it in a better jersey.
Stacy - Had my camera! And the H&M dressing rooms have the best light, very deceptive if you try on a bathing suit there.
Marian - The earrings are TDF. You'll really enjoy the movie, it's no masterpiece, but a fun ride!

Sister Wolf said...

You look adorable!

39th and Broadway said...

Aww I miss all my midtown girls! I'm having NYC withdrawal already and your blog isn't helping ;-)

Thanks for the kind comments and hopefully I will see you during NFW.

Tricia said...

Sister - Thank you!
39th - We MISS you too!! Would love to see you during NYFW, maybe we can do a warmer Southwest Porch meet-up?!