Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Geox Fall 2010 Preview: A Lot About the Men's

Today, Craig finishes up with our tour of the Geox fall preview, held last week at the Geox store on 34th Street. Very convenient for us...

When I heard that Geox was previewing their fall collection, I expected lots of athletic running shoes that breathe. Since I haven’t actually run since 8th grade, I wasn’t too thrilled. However, Geox has gone in a completely different direction this fall and I promise that you are going to be as shocked as I was.

First of all, desert boots!

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Gone are the days of Geox’s heavy branding on its products! I, for one, don’t like my clothes to yell where they’re from as I walk down the street. These shoes are trendy, breathable, and judging from Geox’s current selection, reasonably priced.

Next, we saw a new collection of dress shoes with a fantastic new feature.

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WATERPROOF! I’ve yet to find a dress shoe that looks nice while keeping my feet dry (I like to forget about the time my Steve Maddens gave up during the great snowstorm this February causing very wet conditions down south). I absolutely love the black lace-ups on the right. As soon as these come out, I’m grabbing a pair.

However, my favorite shoe from the preview was actually a sneaker.

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I managed to look past the tiny branding here because I am in love with this sneaker. The picture makes it look a dusty brown but in person, they’re a distressed metallic copper. I can’t get enough of this color. I think it’s just enough flash in my mostly black wardrobe to prevent me from looking neo-gothic. And of course, with Geox’s breathable technology, my feet will smell fantastic after walking up and down 34th Street in them.

I’m glad that Geox has graduated to a more chic aesthetic and I hope you’ll be right behind me in line once these come out this fall!

Geox 34th Street, 29 W. 34th between 5th & 6th