Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Old Navy Maternity: Out of the Dark on 34th Street

I did kind of bash 34th Street's Old Navy maternity section while pregnant, and it wasn't just because of hormones. I had high expectations but was disappointed when I visited. Not only were style options rather thin, but the department was tucked away on a top floor in a dark corner. And when I was visiting a young couple was making out along the back wall next to the maternity tank tops. I'm not joking. I wanted to say hey, look around and go take a cold shower.

But now, Old Navy Maternity on 34th Street is very well and good. It's come out on the second floor, is well-lit and sits right by the escalator, and it even has a basics section (Baby Bump Basics, above). It is all that I was hoping for about a year ago. There are mannequins with colorful dresses and tops, maternity thongs, and even bathing suits, which last year were available only online. I'm not too crazy about the skirted bathing suits (below, black and white and purple), but they give a pregnant woman an option as yes, it may be the only time in her life she wants a skirt on her swimsuit. It's also a big plus to have the opportunity to try that suit on before buying. Well done, Old Navy.

P.S. Nope, no groping kids this time.
P.P.S. While grocery shopping after the gym on Sunday I finally realized my husband was, again, wearing my Old Navy Maternity tank! Cracks me up, he loves the fit.

Old Navy, 150 W. 34th St between Broadway & 7th


Sharon S said...

Hi there!! Great review of this shop, hope you are keeping well too!