Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zara Women Summer Dresses: Linen, Silk, and Sheer

This bolero has nothing to do with this Zara Women dress post, except it's from Zara and I had to try it on. Weighs about 20 pounds? And looks like a million.

I had almost zero fit problems with the Zara Women summer dresses the other day. The mediums were perfect which made me very happy, as I really didn't want to bitch again about the fit of Zara clothes. No bitching here at all, I love it when a general size like "M" fits me across the board. Of course, the majority of these are an easy fit.

The green ($79.90) is such a cool dress. Cool as in airy and not hot. And I couldn't believe I actually liked the floral print dress ($89.90) and it fit me.

I always want to get a silk dress like this ($159), but I know I'd ruin it immediately. If you sweat, you can't do full-on silk.

The orange version of the green above ($79.90). Pretty shoulder detail.

I often look to Zara's Women line for appropriate and not-dull work clothes. These dresses are great for summer work with a jacket, a few are a little too sheer and will require a slip. It's difficult for me to wear a slip in the summer. Actually, I hardly ever wear a slip at all, which is dumb, especially if you have an office job that requires a little dressing up. A slip is an undergarment that can render much of your clothing a lot more wearable and make it hang better. I wish I had a slip on this day in Zara, as then I could show you the really cute red/orange dress I tried on that showed way too much of everything. Look for it, it's very loose and feminine and great for summer over shorts or a cropped pant/legging.

Zara, 39 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th


Anonymous said...

Eesh, they're all so cute! And, of course, I'm drooling over the bolero.

My coworker keeps a slip at work and I'm constantly borrowing it!

WendyB said...

You could get some good traffic showing that sheer dress, you know!

Tricia said...

Sal - you need that bolero!!
Wendy - or I could just talk about my feet.

Migration Agent said...

how lovely, how beautiful, the second one looks so gorgeous, love them all