Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back on 34th Street: The Empire State Shoe

Remember these?

Spotted at the Geox fall preview at the 34th Street store.

They sold out the moment they hit the Geox stores. Since they were snatched up like breathable hotcakes, Geox is reissuing about 500 pairs to be sold in the 34th Street and Madison Avenue stores. And it gets better: to date there's a waiting list of about 80 buyers. So, if you can't live without them, be sure to call and get your name on the list. Or keep a sharp eye on the store near the end of June, the expected delivery date. They're still $230, and they're still available in three colors.

Updated to add: I was told that this shoe was so highly coveted that buyers snapped up pairs not even in their size. Ebay'd? Or sitting on a shelf at home?

I like them a lot more in person than in photographs. I'm pretty sure Craig's mouth dropped open in horror when I said that. I'm now obsessed and need them for Mother's Day brunch.
Tomorrow I'll post a look at Geox's fall shoes. Here's a teaser: total boot success.

Geox, 29 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues


What Kate Wore said...

Fab find, they are just amazing! I love them, although I could never walk in them. What a hoot.

Smiles at you Miss Fashion!

Tricia said...

I wish you were in NYC, we'd visit Geox and see if you could navigate their heels!

ambika said...

Oh, these make me grin. Now I want to see ones with Eiffel Towers.

Kira Aderne said...

so cool shoes! I am crazy about NY, as you know!
So great to know also that you will be more active here soon!
We for sure all miss you!

love for your and for your beautiful baby,

from the friend Kira