Monday, March 22, 2010

Only on 34th Street: The Empire State Building Shoe

Care to take your Empire State Buildings out for a little walk?

Thanks to Geox, the Empire State Building is now memorialized in heels. And not just any heels, but 5-inch heels available in silver or gold with rhinestones that represent the windows of the building! That's just too adorable. And because they are Geox, they feature the brand's patented breathable sole technology. I'm requesting a pair for a trial run; I'll keep you updated. These are limited-edition shoes ($230) available only at the 34th Street store. Aptly so, as the store sits right down the street from the building itself.

So what do you think, which ones do you like? I'm partial to the purple and blue sequins as they remind me of the different colored lighting schemes the building features at night. But the black is very New York. I think these shoes really need to be seen in person. They debut on 34th Street this weekend, so go try them on and take the Empire State Building for a little spin.

Geox, 29 West 34th Street between 5th & 6th


Anonymous said...

OK, those are a wee bit funny to me. If I were offered a pair? Black, all the way.

WendyB said...


39th and Broadway said...

Wow, this is wild. I'd go with the basic black too.