Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goodbye Luxury Watches, Hello, Austrian Crystals

Tourneau on 34th Street and 7th Avenue has packed up and left, leaving the ghost trails of luxury watch counters and a sad Rolex sign behind.

Bon voyage, Tourneau 34th Street! You had a great manager. If you'd like to learn about ETA watch movements read the results of my interview with Benjamin here.

So what can put the sparkle back in Rolex? Swarovsk, of coursei! According to our sources, a Swarovski boutique will be filling Tourneau's big luxury shoes. Welcome, crystal heaven. Ages ago, I coveted a Swarovski navel ring because Naomi Campbell had one. Oh, how things change. Now she's famous for playing catch with phones covered in Swarovski crystals and other sundry means of keeping staff in check. And my belly ring-wearing days came to a halt around month seven of pregnancy. Maybe, when the new store opens, I'll go buy myself some crystal adornment with Baby Herald in tow for nostalgia's sake. And, of course, to celebrate the arrival of a shiny new addition to 34th Street.

Update: article in WWD today (March 4th) says the Swarovski store on 34th Street will be their new retail concept, Crystal Source.

Was Tourneau, soon to be Swarovski, 34th & 7th Avenue


SKL said...

Me too on the belly ring! Now it's a big ol' stretched out hole. Pretty. I wonder if I'll be able to get it back in at some point, and if that will make it look better or worse. Yuck. Time to find that one piece...

Tricia said...

Yup, same problem! But it is looking less scary these days, so there's hope yet!