Thursday, March 25, 2010

Craig Critiques: JCPenney Manhattan Mall for Home, Part 2

It's more Craig Critiques today, and he's back at JCPenney to follow-up his home decor post after we attended the preview for JCP's Back to School collections last week.

Last Thursday, we previewed the Back to School collections for JCPenney and I must say I am totally impressed. For the college student, JCPenney has shifted their focus from dorm living to pieces that can transition from the dorm to your first apartment. I think this is absolutely brilliant. When I first left the dorms, I definitely did not have the cash to invest in brand new furnishings but most of my stuff screamed DORM.

The Seventeen line, which is already in stores, is bright and full of different textures. Most of the collection is made up of patchwork quilts which definitely works for that demographic. JCPenney is also aiming to grab that Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie crowd with their Decree line. Decree bedding is very floral-paisley heavy but, again, I think this is going to do great with the Seventeen customer.

JCPenney returned to their basics with the new homewares collection for the college crowd. There is a variety of reasonably priced pots, pans, utensils, and kitchen appliances which look just as professional as KitchenAid. My favorite new appliance is an all-in-one toaster oven/coffee maker/griddle. I can’t even think of a more perfect combination of appliances.

Little Miss Matched bedding and shower curtain hooks.

Next, we saw the new Little Miss Matched bedding line for JCPenney. This kids collection is so adorable. It’s full of polka dots, stripes, and other cute and colorful patterns. The most interesting design detail was the plastic-lined fitted sheets, handy in case of any "accidents." So smart!

Little Miss Matched wastebasket and lamp, both with slots to change up the design. Kids like to put photos in the lamp slots, cute!

Overall, I’ve been more and more impressed with JCPenney as time goes on. I’m excited to see where they go next, especially in the bedding department.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower levels 1 &2, 33rd & 6th Avenue