Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buckler F/W '10 Collection

Grey dominated the beginning of this men's collection, the last of the NY Fashion Week shows I'm writing about, but I preferred the transition to navy, brown, plaid and denim. The grey suiting options, however, were a nice mix of rugged and work-appropriate clothing. Fine by me, I like the casual, scruffy-suit look which is completed here on the left by tucking one's pants into the boots.

Gallipoli, below. It's the scarf, belted jacket, and boots combo.

The notes said Jack Kerouac's On the Road was the designer's inspiration, but the suiting felt a lot more Gallipoli to me. The notes also told me the distorted plaid shirts were inspired by the paintings of Jackson Pollock. Not quite getting that either, but the plaid with the tan work pants (right, above, model in the back) pretty much look like the working uniform of all the artists I know, so there, close enough.

The show was part presentation style, and part runway, which is great to take photos and really check out the clothes, but sucks for that first guy on the left(above) with the fur collar. He was the first one to walk, so he had to stand out there the longest. I also felt a little bad for the guy on the right (above). What are those things hanging from his jacket? OK, this being a work blog, I'm just going to say those are his mittens attached, and good for him. He won't lose his mittens, like I lost the program which makes it difficult for me to verify just what those are. Let's move on to the boots.

Very safe territory, these are good-looking boots, and, again, a nice mix of outdoor-rugged with indoor-work or play. In all, this was a handsome collection with some standouts, like the leather coat above and the subtle, drop-crotch cut on most of the pants.


Make Do Style said...

Gosh your site is all changed - that's what happens when you are busy and have to play catch up!
Lots of lovely posts to read x

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

Firstly, I agree with Kate the make-over looks great...and sorry, I've been such a douchey comment poster!

I dunno about the drop crotch, I have such a hard time accepting it as a menswear trend and even more so when it's drop crotch suiting. That said, I'm sooo over spray-on pants.