Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blame it on H&M Baby

I swear I resisted posting Baby Herald picks as long as I could. I blame it all on H&M's really, really cute baby section, which I visited last Saturday while checking out the Garden Collection. This is now my shopping reality: if there's a cute baby/kids section, I'm going to visit. Now let's see if I can not use "cute" again for the rest of this post.

H&M Baby pink headband @ Fashion HeraldH&M Baby really cute pink headband @ Fashion Herald

This pink bow headband is $2.95, and is really, really...."adorable." I also like how you can make it very now like a package bow, or very retro like Olivia Newton-John. Also comes in a floral pattern.

H&M Baby really cute spring outfit @ Fashion HeraldH&M Baby really really cute spring outfit @ Fashion Herald

This is a really, really... "irresistible" spring ensemble (only sizes left at the Herald Sq. store are 0-3mos and 12mos.). It started with the kerchief head-wrap ($3.95), which was on a shelf back against the wall. As I finally tore myself away from the baby section, kerchief in hand, I spotted the matching outfit ($9.95) hanging on the opposite side of the department. Why they aren't together, I don't know. I then demanded that a couple of guys holding the outfit go get the matching kerchief, and, as they gave me the "you're demented" look, a grandma marched up holding the same outfit and asked me where she could find the kerchief. Pay attention to the grandmas, guys. The headpiece is the icing on the cake.

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Avenue
H&M 34th & Seventh Avenue
Both 34th Street stores have kid's & baby sections


Make Do Style said...

Sooo....CUTE!! Adorable and gorgeous!!

WendyB said...

I die!

La Belette Rouge said...

CUTENESS previously unparalleled.

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh. My. Word. How many ways can you say adorable? That little spring ensemble is too cute for words. She clearly has her mom's stylish eye, to be sure.

I cannot believe how big she is in such a short time! (Spoken like a true non-mother, hunh?) She has started to show her own little personality, what a delightful smile she has!

Thank you for sharing with all of her adoring fans Miss Herald, the Consort melted at the first photo.

Hugs to you!