Friday, March 12, 2010

Victoria's Secret on 34th Street for Spring

Today, Lindsey visits Victoria's Secret on 34th & 6th to do a little guest post for me. Thanks, Lindsey!

Capitalizing on a weekend of good weather, I decided to head to Victoria’s Secret for a few little somethings to wear outside this spring. Boy did I find some fun fluorescents to layer!

This funky yet timeless combination is something I plan on wearing throughout the season. A versatile gray jersey skirt ($16.50), with handy pockets, a pale pink tank ($19.50) with color lines underneath a pastel colored hoodie ($39.50). Put it together and you’ve got a bit of elegance and comfort at the same time.

And the pink tank looks cute to throw on over your swim suit allowing just a bit of the print to show through…

Talk about swim suits! Bright colors and prints abound….It is almost more fun to mix them than to match these charming prints! Maybe I’ll try to set that trend this summer (suits run from $40-$70).

After a good swim, a nice run, or just a jaunt around town, I’ll be ready to throw on this cute little top ($26.50) and full length hoodie and relax (hoodie $39.50, also available in black).

Victoria's Secret Herald Square, 34th Street & 6th Ave.


Lipstick said...

I think VS swimsuits are the best. I have been wearing the Miracle Bra ones for the past...hmmmm, at least six years. The hard part is just picking new ones every year.

Butterflydiary said...

I love how pretty paisley the patterns are! I really am waiting for spring to come.