Monday, March 8, 2010

Explore Summer at Fossil 34th Street

If it's Fossil for summer, so you know it's going to look vintage. And this year, it's vintage exploring the great outdoors. Which is where I always think I want to go until the words "tent," "camp stove," and "sleeping bag" make me check out. Or, rather, check in to the nearest hotel hopefully free of insects and rigged with working plumbing, restaurant, and bar.

But that doesn't mean I don't wear rugged outdoors. Here are some of my picks from the summer press kit. They'll be coming into the Fossil boutique on 34th Street later this month and in April.

I'll start with the least obvious outdoorsy choice, the neon bling watch. Adore the orange. May not seem vital for an exploration, but it's all about the safety orange. You're not getting poached by some amateur hunter while wearing this watch ($85).

Probably my favorite of all the watches ($95), I love the interchangeable canvas straps ($25 each), especially the bumblebee stripes.

All about the braid, which really gives a black watch ($85) some style. And you'll be able to choose from a decent selection of skin looks ($75) to go with all those python bags and shoes
you've got in your closet.

Bags. I'm partial to the tan and mustard totes ($198).

And yes to the brown thongs ($39) and the grey sunglasses. The red frames are tempting, too. And for $55 it doesn't kill you when you lose them while out spelunking, rock climbing, or leave them sitting in the backseat of a yellow cab.

Fossil, 38 W. 34th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues


Anonymous said...

I've been dying to check out the Fossil line of shoes. They look fab online, but I've never seen a pair in person!

Tricia said...

Sal - the shoes are great, I just broke out my heels from last year! pretty comfortable, and I think they are totally your style!