Thursday, March 11, 2010

LOL for Target on Bryant Park Blog

I've got a guest post on 34th Street's sister blog today, covering Day Two of the Liberty of London for Target pop-up store. Visit the Bryant Park blog for more pop-up details, but here's a little teaser pic:

Of course I like the kid's denim romper (middle), the one thing not covered in flower prints. But the strappy purple top is also noteworthy.
This sister blog posting stuff is a good reason to once again discuss a little bit about what Fashion Herald does, and why. Fashion Herald is written by me, Tricia Lewis, an employee of the 34th Street Partnership (ancient website alert!! new design coming soon!!) which is a non-profit Business Improvement District (BID). You can read more here about why we design trash cans, etc. To summarize, my company is in the business of urban management. So, in addition to managing Herald and Greeley Square Parks, we also provide services to visitors and building, retail, and restaurant owners in the 34th Street District. Thus the blog was born to promote our retail partners and also to provide a shopping resource for the many visitors to the 34th Street District.

And why do I guest post for Bryant Park? Because Bryant Park is also managed by a non-profit BID, the Bryant Park Corporation, who is our sister company. 34th Street and Bryant Park are tight; we share staff and resources, and often ideas. For example, a version of the trash cans newly designed for Bryant Park will also be seen down on 34th Street.

If you'd like more information on NYC BIDs, please go here, and feel free to email me if you have any questions about either of our companies.


WendyB said...

Hee hee @ you're "tight."


Make Do Style said...

Love the little back story and love that the blog gives great detail on an area. I'm such a 34th gal now!

sony ericsson open Expert said...

Is that a dress with shorts? I like it, don't have good enough legs for a dress like that, unfortunately. I'd prefer the one right next to it on the left.

Tricia said...

The shorts is a romper - kid-sized. Really cute, but for the little girls! The dress on the left is very pretty, and may still be available for sale online.