Thursday, March 18, 2010

Craig Critiques: JCPenney Manhattan Mall for Home

Earlier this week, Fashion Herald intern Craig checks out the home department at JCPenney Manhattan Mall.

I haven’t shopped JCPenney since middle school, but there is something about the Manhattan Mall location that is so magnetic. It’s got a clean look and is better organized than many other JCPenney locations. Most importantly, it’s nice to get a good bargain in the over-priced land of Manhattan.

Today, I was on the hunt for new bedsheets as my fleece sheets are not comfortable in spring weather. I descended the escalators to the bottom floor and was surprised to find the Home Décor section tucked away in the back corner! But good news: it's an expansive bedding section. While JCPenney and I don’t always agree fashion-wise, this store never lets me down in the bedding department. When I first went away to college, it was the only store that had a multitude of dorm bedding to choose from and all for very reasonable prices.

This is what I first encountered when I got to bedding:
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NEON COLORED SHEETS. I don’t have a problem with these colors, but I just don’t know how anyone could possibly work these into a room’s color scheme. That being said, if you do know how to reasonably work these sheets, you must tell me, as I am secretly in love with the neon green.

Seventeen Magazine also has a line of bedding out with a lot of crazy patterns and colors. Obviously, this did not appeal to the 20-year-old male college student (me), but I’m sure that young girls LOVE this. In fact, I did find this quilt a little cute.
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I finally made it to my favorite section: Bed In A Bag. I love when decisions like this are made for me, but I was a little disappointed upon arrival. There wasn’t a large selection and the only one that somewhat caught my eye...

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was only available in twin (I spoiled myself and bought a Queen size bed when I moved to New York).

My trip was not a complete bust because all pillows were on sale for (get ready for this) BUY ONE, GET ONE FOR A DOLLAR.

Yes, I didn’t believe it either but there were so many pillows and not enough time so I had to leave. I expect to be back by the end of the week so you better leave me some pillows!

So, the hunt continues for my new sheets. I shall keep you all posted on my future bedding bonanza.

JCPenney Manhattan Mall, lower lvls 1 & 2, 33rd & 6th Ave