Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Esprit 34th Street Opening Party

Champagne bar on the second floor, soon to be ringing cash registers, I'm sure.

Last night's opening of the Esprit 34th Street flagship was a big crush and a lot of fun. Many thanks to Esprit for the invite. The 34th Street Partnership (the BID I work for) welcomes the store to 34th Street with big, happy open arms. As my boss said upon entering the sleek, modern space, pounding with loud music and packed with beautiful people, "34th Street will never be the same." He would know, as he's been working for the 34th Street BID since these days:

But back to Esprit: While swinging through the store with Craig, we made note of the Esprit Collection label, the dresses (including a tiered number (left) and a "dark cement" shift), the scarves, the quality of fabrics for the prices, and the retro Esprit looks. OK, I think I had more appreciation for these than Craig, as he doesn't have fond memories of poring over Esprit catalogs as a youth.

Guests could try on clothes last night, but I preferred sipping champagne with Craig, Midtown Girl, and her friend Jenn. I'll be in the store later this week doing the usual dressing room photos. You, too, should drop by the store opening tomorrow and Friday to win a free outfit or get a $20 Esprit cash card. Be sure to go here for an invitation.

Esprit opening party photos from Craig's Fashion Herald tweeting last night.

Update: Craig checked out the line this morning, and tweeted that it was down the block to Lane Bryant (below). He also found out that the first people in line had been waiting since midnight - !

Esprit Flagship, 34th Street btwn 5th and 6th, opening tomorrow at 9am


Midtown Girl said...

I loved seeing you, Craig & the fabulous new Esprit store!

Totally not surprised that the line was around the block, Esprit is a great addition to 34th st ;-)