Wednesday, May 19, 2010

H&M's Style Eye: Get Two on 34th Street

Have you all seen the H&M Style Eye video on YouTube? It's a cute shoot of three friends with different style shopping at H&M, and relevant for 34th Street as our two H&Ms tell a similar story. I love how I get a total different vibe at each store, but to make sure I wasn't way off, I got a quote from fashion blogger/sample sale shopper extraordinaire eeps (sorry, her blog is no longer public), who once worked and shopped in the 34th Street district and was very familiar with both our H&Ms.

"The 7th Ave. H&M always seemed more fashion-forward and risk-tasking than the Herald Square one, and I think the average age of shoppers in that one shows it. There's a lot more people in their late teens and 20s who help move the merchandise quicker. I always went to the 7th Ave. store first, and go to the Herald Square one if my size had sold out of the 7th Ave. location already."
Excellent assessment, thanks eeps. I shop the 34th Street H&Ms opposite from eeps, as I always seem to be near Herald Square and not as often down by 7th Avenue. Unless I need some Garrett's popcorn or a cheap Bruce's Burger fix. Speaking of popcorn, enjoy the flick: