Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It Had To Be A Levi's Denim Jacket for Fashion Week

Me at the UGG FNO hangover breakfast, with Levi's jacket on chair. I'm oddly tan.
I bought a Levi's men's trucker denim jacket in a size small and wore it throughout fashion week. I wanted to wear dresses and skirts but I wanted to make them look not dressy, and I kept saying to my mom as we perused my wardrobe: "I want to wear this with a denim jacket." Don't ask why, sometimes these things overwhelm me. So the next day I bought a classic, stiff, dark denim Levi's trucker jacket at the new store on 34th Street, and got one for my husband, too. The clerk was a little taken aback when I told him I wanted a men's small for myself (there was no similar style for women in store, and when I'm possessed I have to have ASAP), but he slowly nodded his head and said "I think you can work it." How adorable, he was so sincere. I then promised him my husband and I would not wear them on the same day. I'm pretty sure I can keep that promise.

Also that's a Levi's cowboy shirt. Omg.

Is that not just bad-ass American or what? It was also the perfect weight jacket for the weather at Fashion Week this month. Also I had to try on this really cute dress. I want to wear this with leggings and flat brown boots.

Levi's 45 W. 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Nothing like a denim jacket to top off/balance out a swanky outfit.

A Blogger said...

that jacket is so chic on you