Friday, September 30, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sale Picks: Sweaters and Jeans

#1.  Gap 
Because sweaters are 40% off. And we all need a bumblebee sweater.  60 West 34th Street

#2.  American Eagle Outfitters
Because select jeans are $29.99, including these flares, below.  40 West 34th Street

#3.  Aerosoles
Because in addition to some leftover summer seriously reduced, there's a fall sale that includes some tempting lace-ups.  36 West 34th Street

Not the lace-ups obviously, but cute and on sale.


Anonymous said...

You're the prettiest bumblebee I've ever seen.

Tricia said...

Why thank you, Sal! It comes close to fulfilling my Sting bumblebee sweater obsession.