Friday, September 23, 2011

34th Street Weekend Sales Picks: The Liz Week Edition

#1.  JCPenney
Because it's Liz Week, and you get extra savings when you buy Liz Claiborne this weekend. Go here to enter their 7 Days of Style contest and check out Facebook exclusives. Look for the cargo vest, below right, this poncho, and then go pick up that really cute I heart Ronson dress before I buy them all up.   Manhattan Mall, lower levels  1 & 2, 33rd Street and Sixth Avenue

#2.  Old Navy
Because they are having a killer BOGO sale: In store only through Sunday, look for mix-n-match BOGO for 75% off items all over the store. See if you can BOGO these faux motorcycle jackets and get the traditional black with the more unusual light brown.   150 W. 34th Street

#3.  Daffy's 
Because they just celebrated their 50th Anniversary in Greeley Square yesterday, right outside of their Herald Square store, with a huge "cakewalk," thick icing layer and all (see crappy iPhone video below for icing finale). Go to Daffy's Herald Square for the shearling sale and other great fall/winter items for a lot less.   Herald Center, 34th Street and Broadway