Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fiberwig in the Rain

The very fashion-forward country of Japan has exported an uncanny new non-mascara mascara called Fiberwig. Ah, to have been a fly on the wall for that branding brainstorming. You may have seen their ads on the subway, but I first read about it ages ago on Ruth Katz's City Guide shopping blog. For the local girls, Ms. Katz's blog is a wealth of handy information, esp. regarding cleaners, tailors, etc. But back to the Fiberwig.

I know, it sounds really weird. Paint-on false lashes? Fibers that adhere to your lashes? Eww! But I finally picked some up at Sephora on 34th Street ($22). And this lifetime Great Lash girl is a total convert.

Fiberwig's inauguration was the first day of fashion week. And remember the evening of September 5th? It was a lot like this:

But without the hat and umbrella and Gene Kelly. Instead it was me, my man, and no rain gear. And no singing, just me whining. I whined as I ran from store awning to store awning, bemoaning the soaking rain and lack of cabs, while also constantly asking "Do I have raccoon eyes? Is it smudging? Do I have Fiberwig all over my face?" How could the Fiberwig survive such a downpour? Like this:

Post-rain me & my happy man, relieved he no longer has to listen to my rain whining and Fiberwig obsession*

I'm posting scary, alien pictures of my head, that I took IMMEDIATELY after arriving at home after walking 10 blocks in a little tsunami, just to prove how amazing this non-mascara mascara is. The rest of my makeup, as you can see, did not fare so well. And yes, that's how soaking wet I was.

And Fiberwig does almost look like false lashes. But without the obvious, false lashes look. It's also kind of fun to take off. You just rub your lashes with a little warm water and the fibers fall away. Eww! Weird! It's kind of freaky because you mistake the fibers for your lashes. But no, it's just the Fiberwig. I also feel as if the fibers protect and condition my lashes, but I'm no mascara scientist.

Misc. Fiberwig:
  • this stuff lengthens your lashes, and isn't clumpy or a thickener. If your into super thick lashes, apply before your usual mascara;
  • curl your lashes after applying;
  • love how the Japanese call smudged mascara "Panda eyes," and Americans call it "Raccoon" eyes." Wonder what they call it in Australia?
* update: pictures have been cropped since first posting - they were scaring me.

Sephora, 130 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th Avenue


WendyB said...

I had a mascara that operated on the same premise -- I can't remember what it was called now.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Stuff like this makes me realize that the future is HAPPENING. That is a really unfortunate product name, though.

Always In Style said...

Thanks for the tip to Ruth Katz -- as a local gal I suspect I should check in with her more often.

As for Fiberwig, I've heard so many positive reviews of the stuff but the idea kind of freaks me out a bit. I'm impressed with your test though...maybe I'll reconsider.

Sharon S said...

Hi there-I don't wear eye make up, but this sounds a real cool invention!!

Kira Aderne said...

really fantastic!

a kiss!!!

Elizabeth said...

I think I need to have this now.

Jillian Hobbs said...

nice ;)

meliindaa. said...

haha panda eyes. this post just reminded me that viktor and rolf have their own fake eyelahses line

Anonymous said...

Holy Eyelashes Batman!

What a fabulous post, and what an amazing name for it indeed! We'll join you as a fellow fly on the wall next time they come up with a product name... yikes!

Love the pix...they tell the story.

Grins & Giggles,

PS: Please send cookies after you bake. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for nice review ) very helpful )

Songy said...

Maybe I should try that. My lashes are basically non existent.

I don't like getting the 'panda eyes'. Will I get that? I tend to get it after having mascara on for an hour. :P

Anonymous said...

oh snap. i pressed the wrong button and deleted my comment. shiiiit. =/ so i was all -- i didn't get the whole pacman theme for the show. and how seriously can you get inspired by pacman? like, seriously?

alsoooooo -- you should totally e-mail me your address. i picked up some halloween cards and i've got 8! eight cute cards and so i can totally send you one for halloween. =) if you want! because i know you were goign to say daria anyway. =)

Anonymous said...

i have sadly never seen this movie. =( what is it? i need to watch more old movies. i'm going to hit up tcm channel. hehe.

and i cannot believe your lashes survived that downpour! you look totally soaked! no better way to test that stuff then, eh? hehe. i need to get my hands on this. it's too tedious to apply false eyelashes. i'd rather brush them on! =) how much were they?

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

well duh! We call it koala eye', my femme friends reassure it's panda eyes but it should be koala eyes.

Tricia said...

Wendy - i think there are other products like this out there, just not with the memorable name!
Sal - Seriously! Although now I'm kind of digging the name.
Always - Ruth really has some good old school recommendations - she doesn't publish daily, but isn't that kind of a relief?! I was a little freaked out by Fiberwig at first too but you quickly get hooked.
enc - it's addictive, i think i used too much this morning and my lashes are too long!
TP - I'll send you mine if you send me Cook's!
Songy - Fiberwig totally prevents Panda Eye!
Farren - $22, a little $$ but so far worth it.
Imelda - I was thinking koala, but it seemed so cliche!

eeps. said...

i have a trish mcenvoy mascara that sounds like its pretty similar to fiberwig. i also get freaked out when i wash it off. but this sounds pretty good -- i might have to get it with my gift card!

Tricia said...

wait, you haven't used your gift card??!! I was disappointed because I used the last of my Furterer dry shampoo yesterday morning - isn't that too fast?? It ain't cheap, I'm going to test the Pssssst next.

Anonymous said...

fiberwig is the best! i wear it every day: one coat for work, and 2-4 for a night out on the town! despite the terrible name and creepy subway posters i have never found a mascara that works so well on my short little lashes.

Tricia said...

sara - well said, thanks!

queengilda said...

i used fiberwig and another shiseido brand the whole time i was in tokyo. curling your lashes after applying and waiting for it to dry, makes eyes pop! like, POPPPPP!!!

Grayburn said...

This has been my HG for sooo long. I cannot survive rain and humidity without it!

x Grayburn