Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thuy Spring 2009 Collection: New Cool

This was Thuy Diep's debut show in the tents, and it wasn't just a promising start, but a showing of clothes I now covet. She has a downtown style, but not in a dominant, cool girl Alexander Wang fashion. Thuy's got a little more of the sophisticated downtown cool in her, a la Daryl K with an emphasis on the feminine.

Zippers, layers, shiny stuff, and kick ass shoes: check, check, check, and check. Thuy's base is mostly neutral and black with pops of color woven inbetween; an appealing, marine-bright teal green dominated. I loved the hair; it looked very Helena Bonham Carter circa Merchant Ivory era, except pulled to one side. The shoes, a sandal-boot hybrid in electric blue worn throughout, were the result of a collaboration with Lincoln. And Diep's tailoring roots (she comes from a family of tailors) helped make this an impressive start under the tents for a newcomer. Here's a sampling:

Worth taking note, right? I'm hoping Macy's picks up this line for Herald Square and I can try it all on and see how it fits on us regular kids.