Monday, September 22, 2008

Rad Hourani Spring '09 Show

New York Fashion Week Spring '09 lives. I have to post my Rad Hourani pictures from his spring collection shown downtown during fashion week, because I could easily dress like this every single day for the rest of my life. Yes, major leather after 40. Hourani's show was all black on black, but his use of texture and accents kept it interesting. Perfect black tunics, slashed black leggings, some leather and perfect tall slouchy boots = daily uniform. As long as I never leave New York City.

The perfect tunic & leggings;

A shiny top & my favorite boots;

She was going the wrong way, which I loved as I got a good front shot.

My black layers;
Did I tell you this line is unisex? My man can NOT share my leggings, or wear shiny tunics;

He's also not allowed to wear boots with cropped leggings, EVER;

Nice back;

perfect minimal look;
would totally borrow his coat;

My slashed leggings, my spring coat, & my favorite belt + coat dress;

A very stylish crowd, with very hot shoes.


Sharon S said...

Hi there-totally fabulous collection, love it all!

WendyB said...

I'm not going to let MrB share my leggings either. So there.

Couture Carrie said...

Love the tights and leggings in this collection!

And those shoes are HOT - are those the Rodartes?


Syed said...

I love the tunic/legging look in that first photograph! And I feel a lack of black in wardrobe that may need to be fixed.

Seeker said...

I love the first tunic/leggings look and NO, Hubby would NOT be allowed to share my leggings ;)


Sister Wolf said...

What's not to love?? Have you looked at the Reborn shop online? Black, black, and more black.

Elizabeth said...

Mr.OM has better legs than I do, so I'm DEFINITELY not letting him wear mine!

One of each item, please!

Tricia said...

Seriously, right, enc?! and Carrie, I was hoping you'd know what the shoes are - they're incredible, I was totally stalking them.SW
Sister - will check out Reborn. I just can't help but be stuck on black.
Seeker - yes, belts we can share, leggings no!
dapper - whaaaa??? I can't believe you don't have enough black! but you do have that great sense of color.
wendy - I think that's a good idea. Toothbrush, maybe, leggings, nevah!
Sharon - yeah, this kid's got some skills!

ButterflyDiary said...

I love the collection but it's a little bleak for spring. I need to see an accessory or some sort of color. The leather tunics are very form fitting tho!

Lipstick said...

Oh my. I love those white and black shoes.

..... said...

rad hourani is the latest designer the world is watchin for his very peculiar vision

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

RAD (hehehe) shoe spotting, it's raining Rodarte in NYC and I don't like the concept of he/she's saying your bi, just choose and stick with it!

Songy said...

very clean cut. slashed leggings? that's new to me.. blimey.. how many times do I get to see something new these days. :)

Always In Style said...

Love it - super stylish, and you're right - an old broad like me can pull that stuff off: bonus!

Jillian Hobbs said...

HOT DAYUM look at all the leather mmmm...!

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Fashion...

The oh-so-hot shoes force us to ask one of your insight and wisdom a question: how much higher are the heels going to climb before they level off...?

Second question: do you think we can tie the heel height increase to the economic decreases, as in 'downturn.' (Daddy taught us to nevereverever use the other economic D word. He said that kept anyone from thinking they were in one.)

Expiring mind dying to know,