Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wrapping Up NYFWSpring '09

Ok, I can't take NYFWSpring09 anymore (all I want to do is look at LondonFWSpring09), so I'll try and wrap up the shows I haven't yet posted. Although we will be putting up NYFWSpring 09 videos for the next couple weeks. But those don't really count as straight fashion week as they are me and Xmastime bitching about....fashion week. Sounds exciting, right?! But seriously, can't wait to get back on 34th Street. I miss that crazy street. Getting pushed around by well-dressed fashion automatons really makes me long to battle the general populace for midtown sidewalk space.

Rubin Singer: Nautical inspired with lots of dark blue and white, which is refreshing for a spring filled with bright pastels. And a nautical theme is always fun. I particularly liked his interpretation of the strong, round shoulder and structured suit. But, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I didn't really like the polka dot dresses. I can't take a straight polka dot anymore; I want a crazed, wacked polka dot/stripe/print combo (see Joan Collins get-up).

Two dresses I'd wear everyday, and I'm a pants girl:

what I really wanted to slip into my bag:

Joan Collins hits the high seas:

& sexing up the nautical collar.

Tadashi Shoji: A show of impeccable separates like last season, but with very few beauty queen gowns. Relief, as NYFW never lacks for pretty gowns. His main palette was white, his skirts mid-calf and mini, and the ponytails were swinging. My plus one and I loved the origami folds on the many white dresses and blouses. Another favorite were his short tiers of fringe on a skirt and dress. They swung around almost as vigorously as the ponytails. I also want a pair of those sunglasses I've nicknamed "Ray-Baniators." The perfect hybrid of the Risky Business Ray-Ban and the motorcycle cop Ray-Ban. With a little John Lennon mixed in. It's the Beatle-Baniator. Ok, stop me, now.

The official front and unofficial side of origami dress - did someone say perfect 2nd wedding dress?

Make that fringe move! Shake it like a long ponytail! uh-oh, I've been reading a lot of Armed & Akimbo lately. Kisses, boys!

Click on this perfect taupeness and enjoy that necklace.

Um, Tadashi, Reem called and wants her electric yellow and blue back. No, seriously, now we know what the key colors are for spring!

*any official looking photo is from wwd.com


Songy said...

oh it's great having a quick glance at these. thank you for the coverage.

Syed said...

That origami dress is beautiful!! And I am in love with the Rubin Singer pieces.

Lipstick said...

I just love those photos, especially those first two dresses!

Elizabeth said...

I love the way you did your photo credits, ha ha!

I love the one-shoulder looks. I'm glad more people are doing them for spring '09

queengilda said...

nice non-official pictures on your blog too. :D

i like your FW reviews. some of those i've read on other blogs are kinda blah! i wish i could have gone!!! i'd been dead busy with school and only managed to make it to two. *sigh*