Friday, September 5, 2008

Fast and Daffy

Today was fun but nothing technically went right. So, no video of Perry Ellis or Ruben Singer, the two shows I was luckily invited to for today. Hung out with Xmastime and had to shush him at Perry Ellis when he discovered it was men only and started booing the boys. Loudly. Straight guys, what can you do?!

Instead I have pics of a Miss Les Copains skirt ($49.99) someone must go buy at Daffy's on 34th Street. And, as the guys from 3Knights Media join us tomorrow, we should be straightened out technically and have lots of goofy, model-heckling videos for you soon. That is, if I'm not kicked out of the tents before then.

it's peasant, it's boho, it's chic! it's cheap!

Daffy's Herald Square, Broadway & 34th Street


Cammila said...

I would have liked to see the despondent looks on the male models faces at being booed.

Also, I'm surprised a straight man would be all that interested in runway models -- even the female kind! My guy friends are always scoffing at them for not having boobs.

Elizabeth said...

The skirt's a winner! I'm sorry your day didn't go as planned. Better luck tomorrow.

Tricia said...

Thanks, enc! It's ok, same thing happened last year on my first day, thought I was taping but no! It's all on tomorrow anyway!
cammila - straight guys are totally unimpressed with this mid-decade group of models. they don't find them sexy or interesting or good looking at all. But Xmastime did say that the models at Ruben Singer were the best he saw yet. Still lots of skinny girls, but lots more ethnic girls too. Well done, Mr. Singers

Sharon S said...

Hi there-loving this skirt, very nice. have a great weekend!