Saturday, September 6, 2008

Luddite Blogging

That's it, I'm becoming a Luddite. Technology is NOT my friend. I begged and pleaded with George, "Please get a new camcorder, PLEASE!!!" George, sick to death of my begging for things (laptop, iphone, iphone, iphone, laptop), caved. George, stop giving in to my demands cause I tried like a fool to shoot Rosa Cha today but the aperture setting was all wrong. Ha, like I know WTF an aperture is! George stopped giving me manuals ages ago. No way am I reading some boring manual.

Luckily, Brad from 3Knights Media has since shown me the thing I want electronics companies to put on everything they make: an EASY button. Brad, after spending 5 minutes repeating the same thing over and over to me with me responding "Where? How did you get to that? Wait, do that again" finally said, "Just hit the easy button." OK, now you're talking my language! An EASY button! Brilliant!

Rosa Cha, all bathing suits, and all gorgeous. Lots of this beautiful blue-green, aqua color loveliness, lots of model cheeks bouncing around (thank Mr. Rosa Cha for using models with some junk in the trunk, thus making the skeletal girls really stand out and look bad), lots of shiny straps closing the show (not trash shine but meet-me-at-Cannes shine), a beautiful, long, cover-up thing that tripped up Chanel Iman a bit, and one of the best tankinis I've ever seen. We all know how bad tankinis can be.

And who really cares if I don't have video, we can all see it on tomorrows anyway. Since I need a photo of something, let's check out how my office looked yesterday:

The shoes under the desk are just a small sampling of the shoe collection that resides in my bottom drawer.

This cannot be any kind of reflection on #1 Fan (moms). I got some weird, mutant gene that ate her obsessive clean gene and created the above. Now you all know why I love Chaos.


WendyB said...

Electronics hate me too.

Tricia said...

wendy - is it our generation? we're not dumbasses, we were just not raised with computers and video games.

Elizabeth said...

I'm definitely part of this "Luddite" crew. I do better with an old SLR Nikon than I do with a digital.

Elizabeth said...

Remember when 40MB was a HUGE size for a hard drive?

Tricia said...

enc -the husband went back to film b/c we take all these digital pics and don't do anything with them! he prefers the old style anyway, too. 40MB, ha ha ha! Although I don't really get megabytes either.

Songy said...

I can relate to that although I am a total geek working in the IT industry. :)

to be honest I am a point and shoot kind of girl but during the Perth festival the official photographer, Stephen set up my camera for me for a show. What a difference that made! Anyway.. super entertaining looking at your desk space. actually the state looks very similar to mine!