Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malan Breton, Spring '09

I made a special effort to dragass to the Malan Breton 9am show this morning because:

  1. It's 9am. For sure I'm getting a seat;
  2. Last season, Malan's gift bag was generous. So if #1 works out, #2 will also;
  3. The crowd will be enthusiastic, thus the show will be fun.
I'm happy to report all three of my Malan Breton dreams came true. Although I was seated next to the only bored attendee who barely looked at the runway while reading her morning paper, and, when the crowd clapped for a particularly pretty entrance, looked around like WTF? I'm at a fashion show?

But everyone else was happy to witness what was, in my opinion, a stronger collection than his Fall 08 show. And just like last season, the audience gave him a resounding standing ovation as he walked the runway with his girls.

The construction of Malan's ready-to-wear looks greatly improved. His shapes and fabrics are decidedly ladylike: neat, trim waists, and matching separates and gowns in organza and a lovely silk, chinoise jacquard. Not my cup of tea, but still easy to appreciate.

Not so great were the prints. In a season full of striking hues (eg: Reem Acra today, whoa!), there is little excuse for bland, dull color. Also, a collarless, lace coat needs to be disposed of, immediately.

Very appealing were : an onyx silk crepe sarong dress, an aquamarine shirtwaist dress, and almost all of his evening gowns. The smoking jacket, a tennis dress and this season's ubiquitous jumpsuit stood out and seemed like mere bows to fleeting trends. But I liked it when Malan stayed true to himself, particularly when he again ended his show with a challenging gown. Model Ubah handled the tight fishtail hem quite well, but only a golf cart could have gotten that girl back to the top of the runway before the finale music started. Well, Malan's not the first male designer to enjoy hobbling his girls a bit.

pretty, that chinoise jacquard is wonderful;

and pretty;


tied in the back, loved it!

I like the idea of a lace jumpsuit
; ok, it's kinda cute;

more chinoise jacquard, check out the feet, twirl!

tennis anyone? I'll play you for that cute ring;


sarong dress, a favorite;

the closer. Little does she know she shouldn't be wasting her time posing.


WendyB said...

Those feet scared me! Looks like she's gonna go down.

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky you get to go to fashion week. <3

Tricia said...

wendy - I know, it just shows how precarious a model's job is. Literally that close to falling all the time.
farren - ain't as great as you think, after one show...i'd rather be in Hawaii right now. let's swap next fashion week.

Sharon S said...

Hi there- a great collection indeed!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your amazing coverages dear ))) the dresses are great!

Always In Style said...

1. "dragass" -- classic!
2. What a gorgeous show...that last dress is particularly stunning!

Prunella Jones said...

Oooo I like all of those. They make me wish I had a fabulous life so I'd have some place to wear those long dresses.

Anonymous said...

So much SHINY.

Elizabeth said...

Everything was so pretty and girly!

C Merry said...

Behind the scenes things :)