Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meridian Windows

I'm always tempted by Meridian's windows:

Meridian is a small boutique that carries several American and South American designers and brands. Still kicking myself over the Joe's Jeans I didn't buy on sale there a year ago. Currently they're having a sale but their prices are always reasonable. I often drop by to check out a bag I've seen in the window and am always amazed at the numbers on the price tag.

This is also a great stop for weekend clothing. You are guaranteed to find a sexy dress or cute top for nights out. Then there's the many pretty accessories, and those purple Meridian tights I still adore. Ah, I love a store that's got a well-edited selection of everything.

Meridian, 977 Sixth Avenue between 35th & 36th


Lipstick said...

I love that sweet little plaid dress!

Natanya said...

I love this store, they always have unique, cute pieces and sooo cheap. You have so many great stores on 34th but I'd say this is the best one in my neighborhood. I keep meaning to write them up too. Oh they also always have a decent sale selection in that little alcove area.

So glad you mentioned them, its always great to support small local boutiques!

Syed said...

That long dress is so so so pretty!! And the purple plaid one is cute :)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could saunter by and snap up that zebra print bag.

Miss Yaya said...

hmmm don't know if i trust you on the prices - will have to stop by myself hehe

Cas Ruffin said...

That plaid dress is superb.

Kira Aderne said...

I love the clutch!


Kisses :)

Tricia said...

lipstick - me too!
natanya - i love that alcove section, great deals. I should have known you'd be familiar with Meridian! Any other favorites nearby?
dapper - they have a good spring boho section.
Sal - so cute, zebras!
Miss Yaya - I understand, cheap to some is expensive to others! Not F21 cheap, but much better quality for the price.
Cas - so cute, right?
Kira - you need the clutch!