Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Matthew Williamson & H&M Herald Square

The Matthew Williamson collection at H&M, Part 1, is debuting tomorrow morning, April 23rd, at select stores. In NYC that means the flagship at 51st & 5th, Herald Square, and Lexington and 59th. If you want to find the nearest store to your hood, go to the website, click on an item and then "find a store."

Herald Square? Maxi dress, no, leather coat, yes.

But like the CdG collaboration, 51st & 5th has all the pricier, key items. If you're looking for that fabulous maxi dress, wait in line there. Although yes, I am mourning the loss of that gorgeous dress, I can't fork out the $349 for it now, anyway. So Broke Me is happy that all the accessories will be at Herald Square. Want: the peacock leather clutch ($59.90), the peacock necklace ($24.90), and the hot pink belt w/gold studs ($34.90). Yes, I'm one of the few girls in the blogosphere who prefers the pink to the huge black studded belt, which will also be at Herald Square ($49.90). Wide belts do nothing for my waist.

Herald Square? Silk dress, no, belt, yes, and peacock dress, yes.

The brown leather coat paired with the maxi dress, for those of you who have the extra $249, will also be at Herald Square. That's a tempting deal for Matthew WIlliamson, all depending on the quality, of course. Photos tomorrows. The Herald Square store opens at 9am, and if you get there by 8am you should be near the front of the line. Expect the big crush at 51st Street, and beware the line cutters and scarf snatchers.

Photo credits, top left, Nitrolicious, all the rest

H&M Herald Square, 34th & 6th Avenue


Cas Ruffin said...

Whoa at that dress. My friend invited me to wait all early outside of H&M, but I did it for Comme and it's not worth it, so I passed.

Butterflydiary said...

Holy freakin cow and Grandma Moses, I want EVERYTHING...I love that big frilly maxi dress...I am drooling like a teenager at Hooters now...

Prunella Jones said...

I'd wear my steel toed Doc Martins and kick anyone who tried to get between me and that peacock dress.

gg said...

Have to agree with you on the wide logger's belt with the silk-- would incongruous be the right word? In favor of more dresses being worn in the world, howev sexist that makes me.

Lipstick said...

I LOVE that maxi dress. I mean, it does look like a peacock and all, but....sigh, I still love it.

yiqin; said...

Ah, I really want the blazer!

arms.akimbo said...

Um. Obsessed. OBSESSED. Snag us a Pucci-esque floorlength mutlicolored number!
xo, Dolly

Natanya said...

ooh love the maxi dress, but I couldn't spend that kind of money at H&M, but the belt, definitely!

Tricia said...

Natanya - that's what i thought too, until i tried on the leather coat! although Discover Card may make me return it, or sell on ebay?
arms - all at 51st & 5th, and of course, all gone in a heartbeat!
yiqin - Beautiful, that blazer! It, too, was a tough item to grab, gone asap.
lipstick - you'd make a gorgeous peacock!
gg - i agree w/ you on incongruous belt thing. and normally I wear the pants, but lately am wooing the dress.
Pru - you should have been at 51st & 5th today, you would have made headlines.
Butterfly - some of it was not so good in person! but a few great pieces, definitely.
Cas - if you didn't like the cdg, i don't think you'd like this. $$$ and hard to get the few good pieces.