Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Best Show in Town

The FIT Senior Show is really what everyone wishes fashion week was like: lots of yelling, catcalling, a few models who just can't walk in very high heels, and multiple segments punctuated by music changes (knitwear, children, lingerie, evening, and daywear). And there's no showstopper like a smiling kid sprinting down the runway. Although note to FIT: it's a little jarring to see the kids right after the lingerie segment.

And this year there were even some men thrown into the mix.

Why do the guys always stop 5 ft. from the end of the runway? Love the short pants in 2nd shot.

I appreciate some creative evening wear for men. Not quite sure about the white jacket and gloves, but high points for innovation.

Some pretty lingerie looks. Love the creamy hues of 1st pic.

Always the cutest kids because none of them act like child models. Although #2 was working her coat on that runway.

Daywear and knits, really impressive segments. #'s 2 & 3 for me, please!

Great leggings, fabulous knit, and who's selling that kimono? I need it!

Some fun evening wear...

And two favorite, innovative pieces. Wish I had better shots.


Angela said...

i just don't know about men's short pants. are they casual? those kiddies are cute.

Sharon S said...

Hi there-Love these pictures, the mens outfits are fab!

Natanya said...

Sh*t how did i forget about this! Well done. I may have to link to this on our site, can we use some photos and link to you? Really, great job, love this!

Tricia said...

Natanya - absolutely, use some photos and link up. I've got tons of photos - if you want, I'll burn you a cd and send it over. email me:
Sharon - impressed with a lot of the men's!
Savvy - they take some getting used to, but i know a couple guys who could wear them, definitely casual. The kids were adorable!

Seeker said...

Nice stuff, specially the men's fashion


Prunella Jones said...

I can't imagine any guy I know wearing any of those clothes but I do love the lingerie looks.

La Belette Rouge said...

I once went to FIDM senior fashion show in L.A. It was fun to see all the fresh talent and excitement for the designers.

ambika said...

I actually really like that white jacket! I could see someone like Kanye pulling it off.

Sister Wolf said...

I love your photos. I love your taste in lingerie, too.

arms.akimbo said...

Did you go to the "Seduction" exhibit at FIT? Worth your sexy time.

Tricia said...

aa - no, but sounds intriuging..
sister - there was some major booty walking down that runway! and by major I mean majorly out there, not big.
ambika - so true. I really loved the creativity for men's evening.
La belette - these are some of my favorite shows, so much more fun and relaxed.
Pru - i know a few who could work those short pants..
Seeker - right? first year they showed mens, looking forward to next year's show.