Friday, May 1, 2009

Friends & Family Friday

I would be remiss in not alerting you to the plethora of Friends & Family deals occurring now or soon on 34th Street. Go here to get Friends & Family flyers for: Macy's, Foot Locker, Footaction, and Ann Taylor Loft. Also, at Gap, now through May 6th, if you buy pants, shorts or skirts you can get a top for 50% off.

Let's end this week with some adorable, colorful, irresistible, and not $$ bikinis lolling around right now at Forever 21 on 34th Street. They're hanging out on the second floor, right by the inevitably really long line at the dressing rooms. I cannot tell a lie, that is one busy store, so go early or when it's raining cats and dogs for no lines.

Mix and match (each under $20), good for those of us who will always need, ahem, larger bottoms.

Love this print.

Obviously not bikinis, but rather cute skirts I snapped in F21 last week. Part of the Twelve by Twelve label.

Also, BIG news for plus-size gals. I saw on their website that Forever 21 has added a plus-size label, Faith 21, to their collections. Not on 34th Street yet, but hopefully soon. Here are the stores carrying the line.

Forever 21, 50 W. 34th between 5th & 6th


Seeker said...

Seems cute and nice stuff


BLC :o said...

Oh I just loooooove F21! Xoxo-BLC

Fashion Addict said...

Gosh, Forever 21 has everything and I do need to get a bathing suit...

Miss Yaya said...

I think I have used up all my patience for forever21 in my younger days lol - everytime I go in, I just get so angry! :)~


great bathing suit!


Prunella Jones said...

I'm getting too old for Forever 21. I sure would like to see a Forever 29 store open up.

Tricia said...

Pru - or, as my sister says, "Forever 41."
CC - love those prints.
Miss Yaya - I understand, sometimes it's a lifesaver, sometimes it's hell.
Fash Addict - go, get a bathing suit!
BLC - sometimes! See above...
Seeker - cute, cute stuff!